Thursday, July 07, 2005


The main tower for this performance is a 50' ladder type scaffolding in levelers, 5' x 10' footprint. The structure will be guywired and ballasted with drums of water (1000 gallons). The tower is sheathed in steel plate and steel mesh.

The scaffold will be ballasted by 12 to 20 T5 gallon plastic drums sitting on top of a lattice of pipe attached to the structure by clamps. The pipe is blocked up by wood 4 x 4s - getting it off the ground so we can clamp easier. Plywood lays on top of the pipe, the drums sit on the plywood.

4 tension cables will come down from the top, attached to the top scaffold or the alum. crossbeams at the top. These attach to the pipe/ballast and tension the structure. Guywires extend from the bottom of the top scaffold frame to approximately 30' out from the tower, attaching to the concrete light poles and tensioned by 1000 lb winches.

Truss attaches along the outside top of the uppermost scaffold frame via clamps - one in front and one on the back side. corner blocks are attached to each truss and 10' truss extends between the front and back, forming a square at the top - all bolted tightly together. If the scaffold is more than 10' deep - we'll make plywood shims to make up the difference. If it's less, we may have to add some extension or crossbracing of 2" pipe and attach to that.

On top of the truss is a pulley support system for the BODYDRUMs - aluminum channel and I-beams that extend the drop point out just beyond the truss. This allows us to move bodies and light array independently on the same face. Wemay suspend the FLESHSPEREs out from the sides - approximately 14' to 16' out via a cantilevered pulley frame. Each FLESHSPHERE weighs about 100 lbs. - 250 lbs. with a body inside.

The 1/2 ton CM chainmotors are attached to the pipe ballast base. Chains extend up to a bridle, pulling down 2 cables that run up thru the pulleys, then down to the BODYDRUM frame. One motor controls one BD. We'll have 6 to 8 motors - 3 for BD, 1 for the VM, 2 for FLESHSPHEREs and 1 for the FLESHCHIME, if I choose to perform that piece.

The tower is sheathed with steel plate up to about 18' - with a 6 foot gap at the bottom for the sound system and for access. For the front and back the steel plate attaches to unistrut that is clamped across the frames, parallel to the ground. The plates - 32' x 48' - will be tacked to 1' sq. tubing, making a 4' wide x 10' tall panel. The tubing then gets bolted or clamped to the strut - 2 panels wide. Haven't figured out the side mounting yet, but it will most likely involve unistrut as we have a lot of it.

The mesh is already in panels - 4 x 8, 4 x 4.5, and 8 x 20. The 8 x 20 panels will be pulled up in place with hoists and suspended with chain - more a visual element than anything else.

For the front, we have 6 48" x 55" tall panels with expanded metal in them. These will be mounted to unistrut, as above, but with high voltage isolators between the strut and the panel. This way we can electrify the panels if I choose to perform the FLESHCHIME piece. A 4 x 8 panel will finish this off side off - forming an 8' x 20' tall wall of electrified expanded mesh. Each of these seven panels will feed a different light array.

The backside will have similar 4 x 4 panels, although not electrified for this show. (I will electrify them for the Las Vegas show as we will have 4 FLESHCHIME performers)

more details to come.


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