Wednesday, July 06, 2005


as this is the first COMFORT/CONTROL show in quite a few years and with an entirely new crew, the performance is as simple as possible - well - as simple as I can imagine it. It is spared down, really!

The performance uses a 50' tower as its central and primary element. This tower will suspend 2 to 6 bodies (performers) dependent on the number of people we have available. The tower is sheathed in metal plate to about 16' and metal mesh above 16'. (see the tower section for a detailed description).

A truss structure is attached to the top of the tower, and from this the bodies are suspended, controlled by cables from below attached to CM chainmotors. The tower is constructed of scaffold with a 5' x 10' footprint. The truss at top is roughly 12' x 12' - bolted to the outside of the scaffolding.

3 BODYDRUMS are suspended from the truss - one at center (the 5' width of the tower faces forward) and one at each side. The VETRUVIAN MAN machine is suspended off the rear. The FLESHSPHERES may be added to the side - as counterbalance to the BODYDRUMS.

All 3 BODYDRUMS (BD) will trigger audio samples via piezo elements and switch lights via direct contact. The front center BD will also trigger video camera switching if we can find someone to do some MAX programming. A video screen will be built into the scaffold. (see video)

Lighting arrays will be triggered by the BD and by the robotic arm on the Vetruvian MAN - up to 15 ARRAYS at a total of 400 KW. Arrays will be both static, attached to the tower and moving, attached to the performer. CRUCIBLE is providing a 300KW generator - power usage will be controlled by 400A. relays to prevent to overload to the geni.

Each suspended device will be controlled by a CM chainmotor. A single hoist will move each device via a pair of cables running through pulleys attached to a bridle.

The BODYDRUMMERS will be positioned on top of small towers on either side of the main tower. I haven't designed these yet - waiting to see what I can find material-wise. Standing level will be about 18' to 20' - with drumming level (the chest of the BD) at around 24' to 26' -

The front center BD will be accessed via a pneumatic lift - also at around 20' high. (The lift currently stops at 16' - we need to find out why the final section is note actuating.) Scot will be on this lift.

BD's will each have 4 to 6 channels of audio, running to one of two DM5 trigger interfaces. MIDI will trigger samples and hopefully video switching. I'd like to have gates on each trigger. The feed then runs to the 1604, and gets sent to the center, left or right channel. I want to put Scot's Manifold system in the tower to provide localization - with a stereo feed to the main PA to provide additional BOOM. If we have room in the truck I may bring two more MTL2 cabinets. Hopefully Thomas diMuzio can munch noise live again.

I'm planning on a 25 to 30 minute performance Friday night. We will be joined by the large Tesla coils around us for a finale.

More details are in the individual sections - structure, rigging, audio, etc.


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