Monday, July 11, 2005

Layout for Audio Triggers

We'll have five devices with piezo sensors on them for this show, plus a few sensors on motors that will run as audio only.

1. BODYDRUM - 1 to 6
6 triggers, into Mackie 1604, then via direct out to DM5 trigger interface to convert to MIDI. From here the MIDI goes to a sampler (Thomas) and possibly to a MAC running MAX, which converts to an RS232 signal to run the EXTRON switcher. The drum strikes switch the camera signal being output onto the main screen. We need someone with MAX, a laptop for the performance and the time to program all this and get it working right.

2 & 3. BODYDRUM w/parasite - 7-8, 9-10
These 2 devices each have 2 mechanical levers contacting the bodyplate. 2 channels ea. Sensor to Mackie to DM5 to sampler.

4. Vetruvian Man/ Arm of Life - 11
One sensor on the contact plate. feeds to Mackie, them to DM5, etc.

5. FLESHCHIME - 12-17
6 contact points on the rear of the tower. While suspended by the ankles, my hands electrified, I strike metal panels and trigger DM5 (and close high voltage contact, as with all the above), which then goes on to the sampler.

6. Chainmotors - 18 -22
Sensor on chainmotor for acoustic sound only, which is then pitch shifted and filtered.

Hopefully Thomas Dimuzio can provide samples and background noise again. I'll talk more about this later.


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